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Do You Have Tips to Fall Asleep?

I feel like lately the only way I can get to sleep is if I write things out when my brain is hyper active at night. Maybe it somehow helps me process my thoughts in a more logical way and calms them down?

I really do wish I felt as productive during the day as I do late at night, but for now I think I need some tips: what do you do to fall asleep faster?

I quickly get tired of meditation. I need to fall asleep with some sort of sound in the room to help distract me (but white noise is annoying and I can’t do that). I feel like I’m out of ways of getting my brain to shut off except writing every down.

What do you do to not be awake for 3 hours trying to fall asleep? Let me know please

3 thoughts on “Do You Have Tips to Fall Asleep? Leave a comment

  1. Hey! It is absolutely necessary to shut all windows in your brain before sleeping, like you would do before shutting down your PC.
    If writing helps you do this, I feel you should keep doing that, and it actually helps you know. Like you have rightly understood, it helps you calm your brain. Basically, do anything that helps to shut your brain. Don’t keep working till the minute you sleep, that will only keep delaying your sleep. Good luck 🙂

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  2. Try to get up early in the morning and start working early. Naturally follows, you’ll want to sleep earlier at night. If then you still wake up later at night, it’s best to accept it and do some writing or reading. ‘The hours slept before midnight count double’, my mother used to say, and she’s right. Further, avoid too much processed foods with artificial or gmo-additives; sugar; alcohol; coffee at night. Those ruin your sleep. And, your further health.

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