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It’s Late At Night… and I can’t sleep

It’s late at night and I can’t sleep. It happened for a while and melatonin supplements were helping for a little bit, but I’ve gone back to not being able to sleep. It’s like I spend my whole day tired, and then as soon as my head hits the pillow my thoughts go racing at 1,000 miles per hour. Why is that?

It might be one of two things. I feel like during the day I’m tired, unmotivated and I barely challenge my mind anymore, and then when it comes time to sleep it’s like I’m finally giving my mind some space to think, instead of distracting it with a million useless things throughout the day, and then I can’t shut it down.

Or it might be that with so much that I want to do and my mind trying to think of every possibility constantly, I can’t even shut it down by the time I’m meant to be fast asleep.

I personally feel more and more like the former holds true most of the time, adding to the fact that being in lockdown for months-on-end, combined with the fact that there is barely any daylight nowadays, my brain can’t figure out when it’s time to sleep and when it isn’t. Why can’t I just be this productive during the day?

I still have a million thoughts going through my head (mostly non-important ones), but I guess I’ll just put the pen aside and try to figure all this out another day.

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  1. Make sure you eat well. Organic food; drink more water; go outdoors during daylight hours. Keep yourself busy at daytime with chores. Good luck 🍀

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  2. I have to keep a notepad in bed when I attempt to sleep. I find, unless I write things down, I obsess over them. Writing ideas down assures me they’ll be available in the morning, and deletes them from my computer-brain, allowing me to drift off.

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  3. Your brain probably stays hyperactive constantly throughout the day with work/tasks and even when the day has ended, it kept firing and keeping you on tip toe. Maybe you can try some meditation or yoga in the evening to help relax? It certainly helps me.

    Otherwise get out of bed and action some of the thoughts so it won’t stay at the back of your mind throughout?

    Sending lots of positive thoughts and energy!


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