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Dreams & Reminiscing

Do you ever dream about someone from your past that meant/means a lot to you? Last night I had a dream about someone who is no longer a part of my life, and it felt like we got to hang out once more, share experiences, talk it out.

It happens every few months where I’ll dream about this one specific person and wonder where life has taken them, kind of wishing I was still a part of it. I will feel weird for the next week, as if we actually met, made amends and got to hang out as if nothing had happened.

Dreams can have such a powerful effect over our lives, and I always wonder why I keep having this specific dream. I feel torn as part of me wants to keep these dreams going forever, the other part wants them to stop so I don’t have to feel how I feel the following day.

Wherever you are, just know that I do still miss you and wish you the best.

Do you guys also get the occasional dreams that shake you to the core as soon as you wake up?

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  1. I have dreams like that on a regular basis, sadly.

    I dream of one of my more recent ex-partners who I had shared a strong connection with.
    Even more often I dream about my brother who cause childhood trauma.
    The most baffling thing however, is that I have recurring dreams about someone I never met.

    He is a singer and actor, yet I have never (to my knowledge) watched any of his movies. I do like his music, but I only listen to it once a blue moon, and since I don’t watch TV nor listen to the radio, there is no way that I could have heard him being mentioned anywhere which could cause the recurring dreams.
    They also don’t happen when I recently listened to his music, but usually months later.
    Strangely enough as well, I noticed them occur when I started taking an interest in someone. Almost like a warning.

    These dreams are always very vivid and stay with me for weeks or even months before I can put them aside, yet never fully forget them.
    In them there is always this knowledge that we are familiar to one-another and that there is and/or was a very strong emotional connection. Yet there is always a distance that keeps us apart both physically and emotionally. As if something negative had happened between us in the past, and though we both long to put it aside, neither of us seems to know how to go about it.
    There are usually also other people involved in the dreams, and at no point is there a situation where we would be lovers.
    If anything, the dreams are quite cryptic, leaving me wonder for weeks what they meant, if anything, and why I keep having them.
    The first one was so powerful, after nearly a decade I still remember it clear as day and just recently put it down as a poem.

    No matter who those dreams are about, however, they tend to leave me in a mess for days.

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    • Wow that is so interesting and glad I’m not alone in having these kinds of dreams. I have had them about people I never met, although usually it is the one particular person with whom I’ve had a strong connection in the past. Thanks for sharing!

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      • It’s funny how we all have dreams, yet nobody is able to explain them with more than an ‘oh, that’s just your subconscious acting up’.
        I’ve had dreams about people I never met before, too. Once it was so strong that it now has become my ‘go to place’ whenever I feel low.

        Ever wondered if the people you dream of, known or unknown to you, have the same dreams just from their perspective? Imagine they did! Imagine we could be with people in our dreams if they somehow pick up on it in their own!
        Same with people we lost!
        I dream of my gran a lot despite it having been nearly 20 years since she passed away. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see loved ones again that way?!
        If only it wouldn’t cause so mch upset once we wake..


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