What’s Your Favourite Kind of Blog? I want to know.

I’ve been wondering more and more what people like reading on blogs. If you’re a regular reader (if you’re not, welcome 😊) you probably know I just write about whatever inspires me at the moment. I like putting my raw feelings ‘on paper’ and sharing my thoughts with the world about whatever topic. And that’s what I usually like to read about as well.

However, I’ve really been thinking about what inspires others and if there are different kinds of blogs I should be reading. Let me know which kinds of blogs you like reading the most, and drop a link to your own blog in the links below, I’ll be checking these out so I can find new topics I might be interested in reading about.

Also, if there’s something you’d like to see me write about, let me know as well and it might open my mind up to other topics I hadn’t even considered.

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