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Making Money from Home – Do You Have Tips?

This is one of the blog posts where I want to heard from you and open up the conversation in the comments about the best ways to make money from home during this crisis where so many are losing their jobs or not being able to work as normal. Do you have any tips?

I blog not to make money, but because I love it. However, I know some people turn to it as a long-term solution to making money. I’ve also heard of other platforms that allow you to write and give you some cash in return – such as freelance websites or the website ‘Medium’ that allows you to write what you want and gives you some cash in return (much like a blog but it doesn’t work based on advertisement, but based on subscriptions from its users).

Let me know what your tips are for any other readers out there or let me know if you’ve tried Medium or similar platforms before and what your experience was.

With love xx

3 thoughts on “Making Money from Home – Do You Have Tips? Leave a comment

  1. I actually started this blog to share my experiences while on Maternity Leave. After few months, I decided to create my own products of matching Mom and Baby, Dad and Baby, couples and family shirts! It’s been great and they’re all integrated in my blog:) so creating custom designs is great! Now I’m looking into how to sell digital products

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