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Knowing When To Say ‘Enough’

Knowing when to say enough is a very important skill not everyone has. Some people certainly know how to say “I’ve had enough, I cannot take this anymore”, but do they really mean it?

If you keep saying it over and over again but do nothing about it, do your words have any meaning? Saying “I’ve had enough” and acting on it is the only way to show that you have, truly, had enough.

You might think that saying those words out loud might have an impact and change things for the better, but guess what? If someone keeps taking advantage of you over and over again because they get something out of it, the only way it will change is if you change it! Don’t expect them to suddenly care about you, because they haven’t so far.

Take control of your life and make a change – you’ll never feel happier, as the energy you’re spending waiting for others to change is definitely not worth it.

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