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Modern Business: James Charles and Tati Westbrook Case Study

I’m going to jump on the bandwagon for this topic and talk about it from my perspective. I’ve always felt like motivation for doing a job is essential in loving that job. I find inspiration in lots of different places to carry out what I think is the best job I can do, and even if that ends up not being the case, I know that I am at least happy that I put my soul into it.

I’ve always been astounded by the amount of celebrities, companies, social influencers, that get to act however they want to act but continue having a huge following because they are “likeable”, or “pretty”, or whatever it may be. And a few months ago, I finally found someone that was so clearly genuine it made me want to subscribe to her immediately and follow the way she carries business deals and overall handles her career: Tati Westbrook (known as GlamLifeGuru on social media).

Tati is someone you can feel really cares about the quality and impact of the work she does, and thinks about quality rather than how much money her next business move will make. That is not the same feeling I got with James Charles.

James has been a Social Influencer I particularly look up to, both on what to do and what on not to do. Although I see him as a big influencer who clearly (most times) knows what he is doing to attract attention and has a huge social platform, I don’t think I would ever be able to carry out business the way he does – mostly because it seems to be all about making it all very ‘exciting’, ‘iconic’, or whatever other adjective is used to hype something, without any real feeling behind it.

I feel like as this situation comes more and more into light, it reveals how the modern business world is changing day by day, not focusing on rewarding those who shock the most simply for the sake of showbusiness, but looking for genuine people who don’t make their decisions all around money, but around the impact of what they do has in the world.

I salute Tati for continuing to put out these genuine feelings into each of her videos and for creating a company as amazing as Halo Beauty. I will have to try these as fast as possible ❤

PS: I do support James Charles, but in order to believe someone is trying to change, we can’t just see them talking about how sorry they are and that they will continue to grow, but see a visible change happen in the way they conduct business. With them both the best.

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