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Winds of Change, 2.0

This is a recurring thought I get every time there is a storm… or just very strong winds. Every time the wind comes back, I feel like everything shifts, and not always for the better.

In the summer, it can feel like it’s cleaning the air, bringing good change into my life. It can feel completely invigorating to feel that positive change coming our way when the air has been standing still for weeks on end.

In the winder, however, it feels like a completely different thing. It feels like the winter winds bring everything bad that’s just been waiting to get through. You suddenly feel weird, feel ill, and everyone is on the same boat. And there is no getting away from it, no matter what you do or how much you try to keep yourself from getting sick too.

This evil wind seems to be a taking a toll this year, and while I do love the change that comes with it and the new feelings you get, what is it that’s making a lot of people feel weird?

Let me know if you feel the same way below.

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  1. I questioned my own weird energy only minutes before reading this…maybe the wind isn’t bringing bad stuff, it’s bringing blasts and warnings of uncertainties to come. That the purpose of wind is to unsettle…

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  2. Winter brings seasonal affective disorder which is basically depression. I believe what causes that is a lack of D3s that you get from the Sun. The wind can bring plenty of allergens to you breathe without even knowing. Your body begins to work harder to fight them and that lowers your immunity because it’s working harder. So basically, you might be feeling weird because of your body fighting harder. Hope this helps. 😁🙏

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