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Good Energies

Are you sensitive to energies or vibes all around you? Can you tell right away if someone is not in a good mood, even if they’re trying to hide it?

I’ve always been quite sensitive to others’ energies and try to surround myself with positive ones only – although it’s very hard to do that. As soon as a negative influence or someone who is always very negative is around, it feels like it really shifts everyone’s mood to a negative one.

So, I usually affiliate myself with the opposite: those who can just light up a room from entering in it and wishing everyone a ‘Good morning!”. Those are the people worth keeping around, the ones that light up your day with a simple smile.

Do you pay attention to these things? Are you as influenced by people’s moods as me? Let me know below 😊

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  1. Definitely feel the energy. Now I prepare in advance because sometimes you must be with people in low vibration. Sit in the car and send love out in advance filling the meeting room and office. Seeing smiles on everyones faces and positive interactions. Truly this works – either due to raising my own vibration or by sending love in advance it raises theirs. Either way when I sit peacefully prior and do this rather than just entering a meeting without thought there is a difference. Love and Light!

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  2. For me, positive energy is definitely important but even more valuable to me is an atmosphere lacking any energy at times. I tend to spend more time alone and make serious efforts to only spend time with people who don’t drain me.

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  3. Yes, yes and YES! I can definitely sense people’s energy and to be quite honest, I used to not pay attention to it – thinking that negative energy couldn’t bring me down as long as I remained positive. The truth is, however, that it’s not only important to be cognizant of the energy around you, but to try to immerse yourself in as much positive energy as possible which it sounds like you’re already doing. Great post 🙂

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  4. My husband has always said I have “an overactive sense of empathy”. I always blew it off. I finally started doing some research and I’m thoroughly convinced I’m an empath. That is what has led me to being more and more introverted over the years. After the realization and a lot of reading, I seem to finally found an balance of healthy socialization and the alone time I need to recharge. That, an exiling truly negative people from my life has really helped me out 🙂

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  5. Definitely, I am very sensitive to negative vibes. I have a colleague at work and she just sends very stressed and negative vibes, for some reason. I feel so much better and more relaxed at work when she’s not around… it is sad and I try to approach her positively but she is still giving off something negative.
    I always try to smile and be positive, even if I am walking to work in the morning, because I believe that channeling the positivity out also makes it sort of bounce off other people, make them more positive, bringing the smile back to me and making my day better. It is simple things like this really!

    xx A. |

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  6. Empath here! I still haven’t quite figured out how to avoid taking on the energies of other people so I just try to limit the amount of time I spend with certain individuals in a low vibration. Some people I’ve simply eliminated from my life completely. Had to. It’s like they almost got a kick out of watching how their negativity affected me. Sick stuff really. Good riddance!


  7. I think as an empath it was important for me to realize this about myself and make an effort to stay away from toxic people/moods/energies. I seek out positivity bc I wear other people’s emotions with them

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