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Importance of Setting Goals

Sometimes it is difficult to stay on track and feel like yourself the entire time. It’s difficult to always be uplifting, positive and energetic when your body keeps feeling down and you don’t know what to do with your days.

That’s why I’ve been finding it so important to set goals and aim to achieve those on a daily basis. Having an ultimate goal in life helps me set out what to do each day to achieve it and make me feel accomplished, like I’m following the path I’m supposed to.

Setting goals, no matter how small they are, is one of the most important factors in ensuring I feel happy. Is your goal going to the gym 3 times a week? Writing the chapter of one book every week? Learning a new word in a different language every day? Updating your Instagram daily?

As long as you’re not setting unrealistic goals and setting yourself up for failure, I found that having somewhat of a routine and trying to achieve these objectives is fundamental in our quest for happiness.

What are some of the goals you set for yourself? Let me know below, need continuous inspiration 😊

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  1. I try to use “look up” (aka online dictionary), at least once a post. I’m exploring synonyms of words because I use the same over and over. I find myself watching educational tv and documentaries now, for the purposes of knowledge and posts.

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  2. In my line of work I see the importance of setting goals or targets every day. It really helps to set a small number of achievable ones each day (maybe at night so you know what’s on the cards for the next day) The feeling of progression you get as you tick them off is very motivational and will get some momentum going. Then who knows what you can achieve!

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