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Losing Your Way

Sometimes I feel like two completely different people.

I can be happy, positive, motivated, inspired and overall always smiling. Other times I can be sad, negative, uninspired and depressed.

Sometimes it feels like I completely lost my way and I don’t know how to find it again. What motivated me? What inspires me? How can I feel better? I’ve lost my way.

While it is easy to navigate through the world when I’m positive, the difficult level increases significantly when I’m not. And the problem is, no matter how hard I try to go back to being positive, it seems like a constant battle when I feel like this.

Do you ever feel this way? What are the factors in your life you tend to avoid to keep yourself feeling positive?

Let me know in the comments, it will be much appreciated ❤

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  1. Life is full of highs and lows. Sometimes the lows will be more than the highs. But the lower the lower, the higher the highs (if that makes any sense 😉 But whenever I’m not feeling positive or feeling negative, I usually stay away from social media. Whether that be other people’s posts or even messages, just being on my own really helps. Thank You for sharing 🙂 Bless

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  2. Hey man I sympathize with this I find that having something creative to focus on can be really helpful and a way to express what im going through.

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  3. I am the same way. Getting outside, in nature, and on the move helps me immensely to recover a positive frame of mind. I like to run or walk in a natural setting, and while I’m there just give it up and notice my surroundings.

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  4. Nice post. I haven’t felt depressed in a while. But my mood fluctuates quite drastically day to day or week to week based on my thoughts and behaviors. So I try to mindful and foster the thoughts and behaviors that our healthy and lead to the positive mood. Not easy though.

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  5. Your message resonates with me and, like you, I have found no easy answers. But, I have discovered two things that help me: writing and walking. (Not necessarily at the same time.😀) I wrote an adventure memoir about my first long-distance trek, where I found peace like I had never felt. I have since continued trekking almost every year. I have some brief slide shows of my four European treks on my website if you want to check them out. ( It sounds like writing on your blog is cathartic for you. I wish you the best. Since I published my book, I have heard from many people who have had journeys like mine (and yours).

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  6. I can very much relate. I’ve been thinking about this often lately. I think what may be helping is that when the difficult periods arise, I remind myself of how often I have felt that way in the past, and have awoken to a new day and new mindset. Somehow, just remembering that my current state of mind is temporary, comforts me. Even when we understand what’s happening, it can be very troubling to experience these swings. If yours ever get to be too extreme, please be sure to reach out to someone for support. The world needs you!
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

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  7. I really think that when your on a low it should be a time of reflection, I believe I reflect much more effectively and effecientky when I’m on a low. So don’t despise some of the times the key is embracing it cause I don’t think it ever goes away

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    • I do think that when I’m on a low my head feels cloudy though. I don’t see things as clearly and it’s hard to know exactly what to do that would help my life, if I’m to be honest.


  8. Extremely timely that I saw this post. Small levels of anxiety or major ones, even if we try to control our emotions, still seem to manifest in us being less agreable or downright hostile when we don’t really want to be. I’m not sure what the solution is, other than to recognize it and try to stay cool as best we can until the mood blows over.

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  9. I used to freak out when I suddenly hit a stop. People are always talking about writer’s block and I’d read advice but eventually I discovered that my mind was taking a break. Whether I was writing or painting, I’d reach a point where I needed to step back and I’d get sad, confused and yeah, feel lost. But I’m old now and doing this over and over, I’ve come to realize that I need time to ferment ideas, to step back and see where I’m going. It’s not entirely a conscious thing for me. Now, I see my creative energy like the tide coming in or going out. I kinda relax and ride the waves, explore the feelings. Other times I write really sad stuff or binge on a TV series, paint something that is like a meditation. I’ve been exploring the dot painting the Australian aboriginal artists create and honestly after a few hours of dots, I feel pretty good. I’m not so sure we have to be happy all the time, our souls need to grow in several directions. But then again, many other think that I just talk shit 🙂 It’s good that you take your life seriously but also laugh a lot at yourself -I laugh at myself a lot

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