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Help With Procrastination

Procrastination: a 15-letter word that ruins most of my days… and most people I know agree.

To be completely honest, until recently I did not completely understand myself why I procrastinated so much, and why other people seemed to have their lives so much more together than me. Newsflash: they don’t!! Even when I do procrastinate, I make it seem as if I have accomplished much more than I actually have, and most people end up doing the same. Now this actually helps me, because I do not like being seen as a liar and will make up for the lost work with a couple of hours of hard work.

Now to the good part: How to avoid procrastinating?

1 (and most obvious): Avoid all types of social media at all costs. I’m not even gonna go into detail on this one.

2: Do not plan or organise the work you are supposed to do. Turns out, planning and organising are just other ways of procrastinating, as you’re not actually getting any work done. It is much more efficient to get started somewhere random, and plan as you go. This does not mean you shouldn’t be organised, but you definitely shouldn’t be spending hours on just planning.

3: If you like noise while you study (like me), it is better to listen to songs with no lyrics, such as soundtrack playlists from movies (Spotify is great for this and Mockingjay has a killer soundtrack. Also: Harry Potter <3)

4: If you have to do some reading or research and you feeling unfocused, try reading out loud. The sound of your own voice will help you concentrate.

5: Drink any hot beverage while studying and take short breaks (unless short breaks turn into hours of not doing work, then just ignore this and study hours in a row).

There are many more tips on how to not procrastinate, but these are my main ones.

Oh, just thought of another one: Do not write a blog post while you’re trying to study… damn it!

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  1. Haha that last part.!! When I was having my exams, blogging ideas were flowing so naturally like water. Now when I am free and am actually looking for ideas, my brain is procrastinating writing the blog posts ._.

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    • Haha 100% agreed, when I was having essays or exams I had a million ideas on what to write for a blog post (why I wrote this post), but whenever I wanted to write for the blog I would have ideas about something completely unrelated!

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