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A Description of What Anxiety Feels Like

It’s hard to put into words what anxiety really feels like, but lately I’ve been thinking more and more that anxiety has a clear distinctive feeling.

It’s like every part of my body is telling me that a situation is dangerous, or that it will have horrible consequences. Logically I know that it’s not the case. I know it’ll be fine (well, probably). But I can’t stop my body from reacting this way.

That’s why sometimes we cannot handle meeting up with more people, or going on more fun adventures. We’ve been fighting our own body all day and pushing through the instinct to just hide safely under the covers, and fighting to keep going over and over. When the day is over, we feel so exhausted that just the thought of going out and doing the same thing all over again seems unbearable.

What does anxiety feel like to you?

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  1. Worrying about many things at the same time, getting nervous out of the blue, feeling like something horrible is going to happen, afraid not responding to something that’ll end up causing more harm. Constantly felt like a clown juggling things to worry about.


  2. I’ve found myself growing up to either naturally avoid such situations that I’m not comfortable with (so I’m not bothered by them), or finding myself needing a day to myself after a socially-active day, in order to recover; I feel drained (especially if I’ve had to deal with someone else’s “shit”!

    I remember a few times I was invited to things I actually wanted to participate in, but my reaction was to decline the offer. Sometimes I feel I would have finally agreed had they pressed a little harder and made me feel welcome, but other times people can be too pushy.

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  3. Hi @newpmv,

    I’m a person with a disability (Myelomeningocele), I’d like to think that its a mild one in my case (Search >Spinal Bifida), and it sadly affect my posture and the way I walk. At first, I used to get so much anxiety about meeting people both with and without disabilities, because I thought that I’d be judged for being different and then my anxiety would often stop me from meeting people.

    Its crippling, I know, how one minute you feel like you can take over the world and the next you are “looking for a hole” to hide in, I won’t lie and say I’ve managed to combat it, nor have I stopped being anxious around new people.

    All I can say to you is, take it a day at a time, don’t push yourself too hard or chastise yourself when you can’t. You are not alone, no matter how alone you might feel. And the people you surround you with will never let you face this alone.

    You are loved, you are seen, you matter, and you are an awesome human being

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