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Transported to a New World

This a very true post, reading will always have a special place in my heart.

Disquiet Thoughts

I live the stories I read, the stories I write.

I imagine myself in the same places as the characters I’m reading
about. I imagine the space they’re in, the people they’re interacting with,
what the weather is like. I’m able to live in a whole different world just by
reading a story.

And when a story is written to perfection, the sense of
belonging to the story becomes even greater and allows me to be at one with the
characters, in a way that lets me leave my life behind and live a new one in
peace. That’s why I love reading fiction books, because it is so different than
my current life.

Books based on real events, historical books, business books,
etc., just don’t have the same effect on me. And yes, I do love reading
anything, but the purpose for which I’m reading different books is very

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