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A Wobbly & Unstable Life

Stepping on the platform of life and feeling it wobble around. There’s really no way to fix it, it just isn’t stable. There’s no miracle way to stop it from wobbling around and take control completely – you have to come to terms that it is wobbly and you could fall at any time. But like any good old fall, you can get back up.

Being afraid of falling will stop you from enjoying that wobbly view. It will stop you from looking into the horizon and watching the sunset, the sunrise, the clouds rolling in as the day goes on. It will stop you from looking around and see everyone else standing on their wobbly platforms.

It doesn’t matter that life is not stable. It doesn’t matter that you might fall. Don’t let the fear of something that might happen keep you from everything that you could experience. Enjoy your wobbly life ❤

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