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Loneliness Surrounded by People

What is the feeling of loneliness when you are surrounded by other people? Surely it can’t be called loneliness still, can it?

I have that a lot – the sense that there are dozens of people around me, yet no one to call or make me feel part of something. And no offense to any of them, I have amazing friends that are always there when I need them, but I still can’t shake that feeling.

It is like when you want to tell someone a story you’re very excited about, and they do not seem to share your excitement. You feel taken aback, like you’ve just wasted all that excitement and you want someone to understand you to your core that you could tell that story to.

Look, I’m aware none of this is fair to the people listening in on stories, but like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I want to write down my feelings as real as I feel them, in the hopes that someone out there can understand and relate somehow.

This sense of loneliness even in a group of people can be a little overwhelming. It can also be that it goes away while you’re surrounded by people, and it comes back as soon as you’re in a room by yourself. How do you even deal with that?

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