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Fluctuating Emotions

Emotions can change so quickly from one moment to another. Or maybe that isn’t normal but I’m sure I’m not alone here.

If only we were able to control how we felt every second of the day, being in charge of our emotions instead of them being in charge of us – then I would be able to be my true self. Or would that really be my true self? Would I only be wearing a mask the whole time?

I guess our negative emotions, our anxiety, our depression, our loneliness, they’re all part of what makes us, us! We can’t be happy, or positive, or feeling in control all the time. Sometimes you can wake up and feel lonely or insecure, and that’s okay too. It’s okay to not feel like the badass self that you’ve been feeling like for the past few days. It’s okay to sometimes overthink situations and not be the sane one for a few minutes. It’s okay to feel down. Just don’t let it get full control of yourself.

Your own happiness is yours to control. Analyse your negative feelings for what they are, let them help you figure out what’s important to you, and then act on what will make you happy again. It can be tough to figure out the right balance to make you the happiest every day, but you’ll get there (and the down moments are perfectly okay, so don’t beat yourself over it).

Let me know what you do to avoid the down moments in the comments please.

3 thoughts on “Fluctuating Emotions Leave a comment

  1. The best way to avoid the down moments is to accept that they will happen in your life, and with that thought in mind, appreciate all the moments you have, especially the non-down ones. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  2. I think we often run away from these emotions instead of allowing ourselves to feel them. Often, when we do, they come back with a vengeance and that’s when they cripple us to the core. I know its not easy to just wallow in these feelings especially because they take a piece of our souls, but running away from them doesn’t help either

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  3. I don’t think you can avoid down moments. You can feel them and limit them as best you can. You control your emotions they do not control you – a mantra someone close to me told me I carry with me. It doesn’t always work but just saying it to myself helps my sense of control. I hope it helps anyone out there too.

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