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Uninspired & other things

I’ve always had bursts of creativity, of inspiration, but it’s hard to keep it up for long periods of time when the world moves so fast every day. For me, it feels like energy that quickly runs out, and I haven’t found the perfect way to tap into that energy whenever I want, so sometimes I just feel frustrated and drained even if all I did that day was to work and watch TV.

Of course everyone feels uninspired sometimes and that can’t be an excuse for me not to blog more often – especially when it’s a big passion of mine.

I love writing, specially for this blog, so I’ll make it a goal to myself to keep writing more frequently! I’ll start with once a week (minimum) from now and through June, and up it to twice a week in July, and three times a week in August.

I need help in this journey, so let me know in the comments what are some of the tricks you use to motivate yourself to writing more often, without feeling so drained all the time 😊

Let me know!

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  1. Seek inspiration through ways of self care. Lots of fresh air, trees, water, birds, and quietness inspires me. Looking forward to reading. Try to give yourself some grace.

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    • Thank you! There was a time I posted every single day for 2 months and I loved it so much. Things just got a little too busy but am trying to get back to that 🙂


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