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You’re Not Going to Be Missed, 2020.

I’m happy 2020 is almost over. Don’t’ get me wrong, problems and struggles don’t magically go away with a new year, but the feelings associated with this year have been building up and the struggle got a little too much at times.

2020 wasn’t all bad for me, but a lot of it was. The one good thing about it? It put me in such uncomfortable situations that I was able to challenge myself and learn more about what not to do in my life. How to be stronger and face obstacles. And I’ll try to remember this for 2021.

The problems of the world won’t be magically fixed overnight, but I can at least say I’ll work as hard as I can to keep myself happy throughout 2021.

Happy new year to everyone! Welcome, 2021 (and fuck off, 2020)!

What’s something this year has taught you?

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