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Think for Yourself

Some people don’t think for themselves. They need someone to tell them what to do, how to do something, and never seem capable of making a decision without a crippling fear of making the smallest mistake.

They never really exude confidence because, even when trying to help, they’re always looking for someone’s feedback and constantly asking the same questions in fear of taking a wrong turn. Because of this fear and habit of asking questions, they then have comfortable go-to solution instead of thinking for themselves on how to solve a problem or getting things done (even when the answer is very simple).

This is true both in day-to-day tasks and professional life, and it stops those individuals from developing any real skills, and stops those they’re attempting to help from getting actual help.

Don’t let yourself be comfortable in just asking questions. Asking questions is good to understand something, but not to solve every single obstacle you come in contact with.

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