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Understanding Success and Business Opportunities

Ambition plays a big role in taking chances when it comes to business and finding or making your own opportunities for advancing your career. People are different and think differently, so some are more naturally inclined to thinking ahead to their future business opportunities and chasing after their dreams because they are so ambitious, where others use their professional opportunities to finance their other interests in life, not wanting to dedicate their full time to a career.

Whichever way you function, this is of course your prerogative and not one way is the right way to think when it comes to your career. However, if you’ve been feeling stuck and like you’re not advancing as fast as you should be (Covid situation aside), then you might want to re-examine your priorities and see what would truly make you happy.

With very few of us travelling at the moment, or being able to socialise, shop, etc., it’s really difficult to understand what’s making us feel stuck, but if you want to focus on your career as the priority in your life, you might have to start doing exactly that. It felt that for about 3 years of my life I would dedicate most of my energy and attention to work, and it didn’t feel rewarding for the longest time – but that changed from the moment that I decided what my priority was and to chase after what I wanted without a care, meaning I’m in a much better situation in that regard than before.

It’s important to understand why you’re not getting that raise, or that promotion, and then addressing the issue head-on until you can make a change in your professional life that makes you fulfilled and happy!

What specifically would you like to know more about when it comes to business and corporate skills for getting what you want? Let me know below!

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  1. How to let management know my manager is lazy, incompetent toe-sucker without sounding “xxx says” “xxx says” “xxx says” all the time? I’m starting to think that they are actually the same with my manager. C suites that got the roles by inheritance/investment/fake their cv till they land it XD


    • Maybe focus more on what you’re doing rather than comparing yourself to someone else. If you show them how much more you do and how involved you are, they’ll naturally notice you’re better and it won’t seem like you’re putting someone else down.


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