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Formerly Everything is Hack!

Been thinking for a while that I wanted to change my blog’s name. I first started writing my thoughts down when I felt more in touch with everything I loved and had time to pursue them. The name came from me trying to offer everyone tips and tricks on many things in life – from ways to learn a language, tricks on dealing with anxiety, business tips, tips for writers, photography skills, and anything else that I was passionate about.

However, this blog quickly became more about writing thoughts out and wanting to reach new people by putting down on paper everything that I felt in the hopes that it would quiet my mind and not let these thoughts get the best of me, while hopefully motivating someone else to do the same.

Overtime I felt more and more like I wasn’t able to address what I initially wanted to write about, and the blog name made less sense as the years went on.

Now it’s time to introduce you to Disquiet Thoughts. This blog will be about writing down anything that inspires me or worries me in life to get rid of those disquiet thoughts.

Appreciate everyone that’s been on the journey and hope you continue following the thoughts I put down on paper.

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