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I Haven’t Written All Summer

I think I’ve lost track of myself. The things I usually love to do got so left behind and lost, and I didn’t even notice. I had a moment today where I remembered what it’s like to get my feelings down on paper, but it just hasn’t felt the same.

For some reason, it’s not coming as naturally to me and it’s not feeling like the natural tool to fight anxiety I once had. Is it because I haven’t been feeling as overwhelmed? Or am I just losing touch with that makes me, me?

I wish these feelings came so naturally to me that I wouldn’t even have to try to write. It would just be something I continuously love to do and am constantly inspired to carry out. And I do love it, but the inspiration doesn’t come as often, and appears further apart every day?

I want to love the hobbies I used to do without obstacles. I want it to come naturally again.

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  1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes people evolve or found other ways to express/decompress. Other times it’ll come back to you like it never left you. When life shuts the door, there’ll be a window open somewhere or even the skylight. It’s okay to feel like this but trust that it’ll be over and know that you’ll get over this writer’s block. JK Rowling had her fair share too. Believe in yourself ⚡️


  2. I can totally relate. But I’m also the type that enjoys being in bad places just to see if I can pull through. Have been in a bit of a rut lately, but I’m starting to learn that writer’s block isn’t so much that I don’t have the words, but that I THINK the words I put out suck. Either way, I’m wishing that you come out of this soon!

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