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accepting changes life throws at you.

The world is always testing me, making sure I grow. Just as I start getting comfortable, advancing through life with little hiccups and fully enjoying what I’m doing, life does a total 180 and here I am, back in unknown, uncomfortable territory again.

It’s not that I don’t like change, I actually love not getting bored, trying new things all the time. But I like to be in control of those new things happening. It’s when I completely lose control (yes, I know we don’t actually have control of much, but sometimes it feels like it) over what’s happening and don’t have a say in my future that anxiety sparks up again.

I’m fully aware this is not a bad thing per se. I should get used to thinking on my feet, not getting affected by things out of my control and rolling with the punches, but sometimes I just wish things were simple for a little while longer. Let me live my comfortable life without those annoying hiccups once in a while.

2 thoughts on “accepting changes life throws at you. Leave a comment

  1. The punches life has thrown at me this year alone SMH. Whenever I start to feel at peace again and like I finally have my ish together I almost always know there’s also a plot twist waiting to unravel soon. This life…so full if unexpected turns and twists.

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    • It’s so true. Don’t just except everything to go wrong though, enjoy the good moments while they last still, even if it isn’t forever 🙂


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