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writing late at night.

Everything is meant to be quiet – but it isn’t. I’ve been feeling on-edge, not able to focus, feeling unattractive and out of shape, feeling as if control is out of my reach.

It’s late at night and I don’t feel fully like myself, but somehow this is the time that I’m most inspired to write today. Why is that? I can’t seem to let the thoughts go quiet today, I can’t seem to be able to drown out the external noise and let me have some peace and quiet.

Some days just seem more difficult to get through than others. Some days it’s hard to get yourself into a healthy place where you can be your best, most productive self.

I think I’ll go to bed now. Try to calm down the hurrying thoughts, going through my mind at a pace that makes me uncomfortable. Tomorrow will be a better day, it has to be.

good night.

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