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greed can be unhealthy.

Greed, sometimes masked as ambition, can be very unhealthy. I’m a very ‘ambitious’ person so I can speak in that regard.

Greed can be a positive. Can make you strive for more, constantly looking for better solutions, always looking for ways to improve your life. And greed can be a big negative too.

Even if you’re an overachiever, being greedy means you’re never gonna feel satisfied, you’re always gonna want to achieve more… and more… and more! It’s never going to be enough, no matter what you achieve in life, and while you might be happy your greed took you to amazing places in life, you’re never going to get that final sense of achievement you’re looking for. And that’s okay, but it’s also not healthy.

Even if you’re ambitious and want to improve your life and the life of those around you, remember to be happy for what you’re accomplishing without feeling the need to set your next goals.

It’s okay to stop for a little bit and enjoy the view.

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