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be antiracist

Now is not the time for inaction. For many years, we have watched injustices against minorities and rising police brutality against POC and we can’t just not do anything and call ourselves ‘not racist’. That’s not enough anymore.

Just because you aren’t contributing towards the problem, it doesn’t mean you are fighting against it. Raise awareness. Don’t’ let ‘passive’ racist comments fly by, especially if they’re from friends or colleagues. Don’t perpetuate these seemingly innocent comments that make it seem like one race is better than another, that the colour of someone’s skin dictates how they act as a person. That is the definition of Racism.

By not doing anything, you are 100% taking a stand with Racist people. If you want to show you’re for equality, now is the time to spread awareness.

TIP: if you want to learn more about the subject and educate yourself, please read How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. It’s incredible educational and well-written, available on Amazon as a physical or Kindle book.


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  1. Thank you for making a very valid point. Being passively anti-racist is not enough. Speak out, help people educate themselves. We are all the same people. First time I became aware of the fact that people want to place me in an ethnic box was when I moved to the US to attend college. I am from the Caribbean, biggest melting pot in the world, all colors represented. I never cared what color my skin was or anyone else. So I never fill out that box, I always put. ” Do not wish to answer”. what does it matter what color my skin is. It doesn’t. Love people, love is all that matters.

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  2. Your color and ethnicity do not matter to me. Your religion does not matter to me. Your politics do not matter to me. What does matter is your attitude and how you treat others. Nothing else is more important than that.

    But you seem to be presenting this as simply a binary choice: either activist or racist. I reject that idea. There are many, many ways to combat racism. Some are more productive than others. Some are productive in some situations, but not in others. And a few are not really productive at all, as they are unlikely to change the person you are dealing with (although they are likely to make you feel better and more powerful, at least temporarily). We must use the tools that are the most likely to bring results if we are to make any headway in this battle.

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    • And that’s exactly what I mean 🙂 activism is not the only way, but people must speak up when they see others being treated unfairly. If everyone’s just ignoring the problem and still thinking of themselves as “not racist”, that’s not enough.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂


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