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#BlackOutTuesday – A Day of Education

Today is not about shutting down all social media. Today is a day of learning, of understanding, of caring. Today is a day of education for white people, for us to understand our privilege, of not fearing for our lives everywhere we go. For trusting the police because we can without something bad happening to us. It’s a day of education for everyone to understand the systematic racism in this world.

Today is about shedding more light on the injustices that the Black community has been facing for centuries, with no one fighting by their side. It’s about doing what we can to support them without the noise of social media shutting this important message down.

#BlackOutTuesday is not about shutting all Social Media down, it’s about making space for the important messages to be heard. Take today not to post about your daily lives, but to educate yourselves on the Black Lives Matter movement, and why we need it so desperate to make permanent changes to our unjust world.

And as a final piece of advice, don’t use the hashtag for Black Lives Matter when putting a picture of a black background on your Social media accounts. That’s a hashtag to find information to educate ourselves, don’t drown out the important information of millions of people, make space for them to be heard instead.

Wishing everyone stay safe ❤ I want to hear more about important places to donate towards this movement, any tips are welcome below!

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