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let your pain speak.

This world brings on a lot of pain, I lot of sadness and sorrow.  And you shouldn’t shy away from it.

For every tear you must shed, live your truth and speak out for what you believe in. Don’t let the sadness take over all your emotions by bottling it all in. Yes, it’s not fair. Yes, there is still a lot of evil in this world that needs to be fixed by opening people’s minds. But that’s why you need to show your hurt to the world. Stop pretending things don’t hurt when they do, and people will learn the true impact of their words, of their actions.

It’s not a fast process, but I feel like everyone living their truth and fighting for what they believe in is the only way to bring about true change.

It’s not okay that there are people out there dying based on the colour of their skin. It’s not okay people are committing suicide for being bullied. It’s not okay that amazing people in this world are being taken away when they are a light, a ball of happiness to everyone around them. They need to be allowed to shine bright and live their long lives.

My heart is breaking for all the pain and hurt out there, but don’t hide your pain. Show the world your true feelings.

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