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you shouldn’t live afraid: a world with racism

This world is so scary, and there’s no reason for it to be. In what weird reality is it even remotely acceptable that people of colour are dying and those responsible have nothing worse than ‘being fired’ happen to them? That’s not okay.

No matter if you’re White, Black, Asian, Latino, whatever your background is, no one should experience the pain of having someone in their family killed. And if that does happen, we should trust that the people responsible would be put in jail and punished for their disgusting actions. Because that’s what this is, disgusting.

Disgusting that Black people have to be afraid when going out of the house. Disgusting that they need to look over their shoulder even just going out for a run. Disgusting that horrible things happen every day yet those that should be held accountable are still out there walking the Earth, proving those in power don’t care enough to make change happen.

Every time someone like George Floyd is taken from this world, society needs to show those in power that we are not going to put up with this injustice, that these actions or inactions don’t have a place in the modern world, and should have never existed in the first place.

Anyone trying to justify the actions of racist killers needs to learn more about the reality out there and to really check what they stand for. I wouldn’t want anyone very dear in my life to go through this, and I bet they don’t either – so discriminating based on skin colour is non-sense, has always been and will always be.

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  1. Racism is ugly, Americans being detained and murdered in the street by the state (or their agents) is extremely scary and goes against the very foundation of what the U.S. was built on. The last 3 days of violence could have been avoided if the cop was arrested immediately. The problem is systemic and unless real reform happens at the training level for police, things like this will keep happening.

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    • It’s not training that needs attention… it’s the process of how individuals become cops that needs it. Whether elected or voted in, whatever the procedure, pigs like this asshole who kneed on Mr Floyd… and the officer that was in all of the faces of the nearby witnesses… should never own a badge.

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      • You’re both so right, I think it’s an issue that goes too deep to have one quick fix, but the system really needs to start punishing people for this kind of behaviour.

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        • How does an organization such as “police” prevent this behavior? Punishing isn’t solving the problem either. This technique was against all protocol. There wasn’t any resistance for such force AND he wasn’t even trained in this response. This man clearly wanted Mr Floyd to suffer. The asshole who was in the faces of the witnesses, he needs charged too.


  2. Violent policemen should be held accountable for their brutal actions and murder of an innocent man. No innocent person should live in fear of police, no matter that person’s race, nationality, gender or other identities.

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