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Grieving is a process, and sometimes you’re grieving for things you didn’t even know affected you. I’ve spent the last 3 days grieving someone I didn’t even know, someone so kind that left this world too soon.

Part of me feels like I should somehow be ashamed of grieving someone whom I’ve never met, but why should I? Why should I ever feel ashamed for how others view this, when I should simply be acknowledging my feelings and dealing with them.

I’ve had to spend some time with myself lately, thinking of the best way to approach the subject of suicide and how to even begin helping people suffering with a mental illness. No one deserves to be suffering that much internally and I think I’ve realised I want to be able to do more about this.

For those out there that have dealt with these issues in the past, I know how difficult it is but you can certainly handle and life will lead you to exciting places!

I think I’m still grieving but I’m trying to use these numbing feelings towards more productive things.

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