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coping with feelings.

How is anyone able to open up to others and feel better afterwards? It never really seems to help me, the only way I’m really able to cope is by writing whatever I’m feeling down.

Like, how are certain people so good at reaching out to others and not feel like a burden. Or not feel like maybe there are not as many people out there to help as we really think there are?

It’s a difficult life and we all just have to do what works for us to make it a little bit better. Spread love, not hate, make other people’s lives just that much easier by showing them you care. Not everyone copes with their feelings the same way, but just by showing you care it can go a long way.

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  1. I think everyone do it differently. There’s no right one way or another. Some people keep it all inside themselves and Bottles up all their feelings then explode one day like a burst dam. Some people are better at dealing with it, solving it right away. Some people are better at telling others with a view of hoping the others will have empathy and have maybe other views or ways to tackle issues and help. Some just voice it on social platform. Just do the way that feels most you and helps you the most and let people around you know that’s your method too. Helps you and helps them to understand you and know what signs to look out for. Bear in mind some is more thick so will need several reminders or have issues of their own that they are tearing their hair out too. And everyone show they care in their own separate ways too. Why is human so confusing? Sigh. Sending lots of positive thoughts! X


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