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Listening to Chill 60s Music

Lately I’ve found myself turning to different kinds of music to inspire myself to be more and more productive. One particular genre that’s very inspirational to me (and even more so lately) is chill 60s music, one revolved less about commercialisation and more about the soul of the music.

And don’t get me wrong, I listen to all kinds of songs, even the very catchy ones with little soul behind them, but they don’t tend to inspire you the same way.

What’s your go-to music when it comes to being inspired and feeling the moment? Any tips on this are very welcome 😊

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  1. I listen to the greateful dead, when I was younger (much younger LOL) for a short time I was a “dead head” traveling around to see them in concert. Recently Ive been listening to funkadelic. More 70’s though.

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