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What is This Non-Sense Conspiracy About Bill Gates?

Recently during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates goes through everything his and Melissa’s foundation is trying to do to help us during these COVID-19 times. And people seem to think that Bill somehow orchestrated all of this, is doing it to get money for the vaccines (he’s donated $100 million USD towards fighting this disease!) and is downright evil. What are people’s problems, honestly?

Firstly, do you think if he was orchestrating all of this he would actually put his face out there saying he’s unsure when the vaccine is coming but that they’re helping to work on this? Why would he even go in public if he’s gonna get the money anyway?

Secondly, do you actually think he needs the money? If so, why would he have donated to much to it?

Thirdly, he’s spent many years fighting to eradicate Polio and using his resources to do so much good to this world.

What is it with this latest trend of hating on everyone trying to spread kindness, everyone that, in this world, has only done good and used their influence to help as many people as they can?

Because, get this, there are hundreds of millionaires out there doing nothing, making this world a worse place and contributing towards very little, and they deserve a whole lot more than someone whose entire efforts are being put into helping others.

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    • I definitely think so, it’s just interesting seeing the huge amount of people against him for trying to “profit” out of this situation and that he “orchestrated everything” when he has nothing to gain from it and he’s been helping so many people for so long. Heartbreaking to see that even when you’re the best person you can be, you still get beaten down :/

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  1. Right?! I don’t get it either. It simply doesn’t make any sense. I’m interested to know the motives of the conspiracy theorists. Do they honestly believe that pandemics aren’t possible unless there’s some ulterior human-led motive? It’s ridiculous.

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    • It’s so ridiculous. The problem is it seems like it’s gone further than just conspiracy theorists (can be seen by the likes and dislikes on Ellen’s recent video) which is worrying. What are people thinking? :/


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