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Why Is Everyone Hating on Ellen DeGeneres?

Warning: the title is a rhetorical question.

I mean, Jameela Jamil mentioned in a recent podcast that actresses go through cycles and are sometimes hated for absolutely no reason (like, for example, Anne Hathaway). And why is that?

Why is it that one of the most caring and generous people in the world, Ellen DeGeneres, is now getting hate on every single this she does because there are rumours that she might not be as nice as people think? Because she might not have said ‘hello’ to every single person in her staff or might have had a bad day and not have been as nice to others?

I find it ridiculous that she is seeing a huge amount of hate only because people have held her to such a high standard all these years, that now one small negative seems to destroy a whole reputation. Well, news flash: her not being as kind as you thought she was does not negate the years and years of kindness she’s put out in the world. Or the thousands of people she’s helped. Or the animals she provides aid for. Or the fact that her wife, Portia, has said Ellen asks herself every day how she can do more?

There are so many other openly bad people out there that you should be focusing on, I don’t even understand what people are getting out of attacking Ellen. Like, what is your purpose and do you really think this is a good use of your time? I get it that everyone is looking for drama constantly, but it is just awful to see that they don’t go after the many politicians out there trying to take away people’s rights, but are instead focusing on one of the kindest human beings out there.

Get a grip, stop spreading hate and follow the words of the wise Ellen. Be kind to one another. We won’t get anywhere if you’re not trying to support those you love, rather than taking down those you don’t.

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  1. Well a few reasons come to mind.

    1. Anonymity – Im not really Karac Avalron and for many people the anonymity of the web breeds courage.

    2. Group think mentality – Because the world has become so polarized if you stray slightly to one side or the other, the other side pounces. Remember when she was spotted at a game with George Bush.

    3. People dont like her for the wrong reasons – She is a successful non hetro sexual female, there are elements out there who are beside themselves with this concept. While the west maybe more inclined to be accepting there are places in the world with billions of people who simply do not accept it.

    Those are a few reasons that come to mind, its to bad really. On the whole im sure she has done WAY more good then bad in her life.

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    • Thanks, appreciate you sharing your view on it. I agree, the huge amount of good she’s done in the world, it’s heartbreaking to see everyone turn on her as soon as one person claims she might not have been nice a couple of times.

      And if people think this won’t affect her mental health, they’re wrong :/ It’s sad to see!


  2. So true! I love Ellen for her thoughts and actions. People recognise positives rarely but waits for a single step to falter so arrows could be rained on them. I respect Ellen for all her good deeds and with a simple error all her goodness won’t disappear. Completely agree with your thoughts.

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    • I’m glad someone shares my thoughts on this as well and it isn’t just everyone turning their backs on her ❤ I feel like she definitely needs people to spread the love now, as she's done for so many years!

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