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How to Cope with Working from Home

While I’m fully aware that working from home has its privileges, I’m also concerned of what it will do to my creativity if we have to be stuck inside, not being able to bless our eyes with something other than the four walls we are in, every day.

I’m been working from home for nearly 30 days now, and I wanted to put together my experience in coping with working from home for so long, and how to keep up the motivation.

  1. Remember, you’re still at work. While it can be easy to get distracted while at home, remember there are still people depending on you and your work. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have the opportunity to work from home right now, don’t waste it and take the time to be more productive than ever. You can can ‘dressed up’ to remind yourself you’re at work, or you can simply work from another part of the house you can call an office.
  2. Look at social media. Even if it sounds counter-productive, if your job requires creativity it’s possibly more important than ever in these times of isolation to look at what other companies are doing for inspiration. Social media is what’s connecting us right now.
  3. Go outside. And no, I don’t mean going outside to hang out with friends or go to public settings. If you have a garden, use that. If you don’t and your country is allowing you to exercise outside, go for a quick run. Runs are so important to keep your body and your mind active, and can really get you out of a funk.
  4. Call your colleagues. Working in a team is great because you get to bounce ideas off of each other. Don’t let social distancing stop you from achieving this, call your closer colleagues and chat with them about your newest ideas.
  5. Don’t overwork. Some people don’t like working many hours. Others, like myself, forgot that even if we’re home all the time, our bodies can get overwhelmed and stressed with so much work. I was working 13 hours a day when I first started working from home, but I have now scaled back to my normal working hours, as overworking was really not helping my mental health or my productivity at work.

There you go, those are 5 of my tips to getting work done from home. The most important message right now is, stay safe and stay home if you can!

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