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Finding New Recipes – Let’s Share!

As we’re staying home all the time, I’ve found it my mission to try and cook something new every single week – that being something sweet to bake, or a great new dinner I had always been too lazy to cook.

Recently, I’ve really loved making a variation of a Korean Beef Bowl or adapting BBC’s recipe for banana bread to make other kinds of cakes (which all turn out delicious, might I add). I want to know more delicious recipes you’ve been making recently.

Please let me know what recipes you recommend below so I can try making it in my spare time 😊

3 thoughts on “Finding New Recipes – Let’s Share! Leave a comment

  1. Hey! What a great idea! i was just thinking about making banana bread when i came across your post 🙂 I started this blog during quarantine for people who don’t know how to cook (like me) but I have some great indian recipes if you want to check it out!!

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