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Letting Work Take Over During Covid-19

These are times where working in Marketing feels more meaningful, because we are able to reach out to a big group of people and assure them we’re here for them.

It’s fun putting plans together to uplift each other, to bring a whole community together and ensure them we’re here for them.

As a company, we have the power to pull larger numbers on social media (much like what influencers have been doing) so that we can all participate in challenges together and face the hardships as a newly found community.

Find others that you can share the love with. I have let work take over a little more of my life lately, as it not only offers a good distraction, but also lets me reach out to others going through the same thing at the moment – and there’s no better way to show people you care but to share the positivity.

What have you been doing lately to distract you from these constant horrible news?

2 thoughts on “Letting Work Take Over During Covid-19 Leave a comment

  1. Awesome post!

    I think your attitude is more conducive to wellness in times like this than the generally touted “take it easy” mentality. (Of course, that’s contingent on A) having work and B) it being meaningful.)

    I’m thoroughly enjoying learning new SEO techniques through HTML and am planning a redesign of my blog (thanks for your support, by the way!). I’m also taking another look at the classic “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White. I first read it in 9th grade, and I’m curious how both the book and my style have changed.


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