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Feels Like a Calm Storm

Recently I’ve kinda had more dreams that feel like end-of-the-world type movies, where not many people are left on Earth and we all have to fend for ourselves.

In reality, we are definitely going through a lot of tough times at the moment but it’s weirdly calm to have to face this storm head-on by having to take care of ourselves, spend more time in our houses, and generally reach out to more people whom we love (oh, the beautiful power of the internet).

I know there are a lot of people suffering at the moment, losing jobs, losing loved ones and not being able to say a proper goodbye. And yet, all we can do is be a more loving community, support each other and take care of both our physical and mental health.

Take care out there and watch out for the ones you love, this storm will pass ❤ If anything, I hope it ends up making us a more loving bunch.

PS: So much love and appreciation for everyone dealing with this tragedy on a daily basis. Everyone still going into work to help us get through it is truly a hero!

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