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Exercising Not to Lose Weight

A while back I was exercising a lot because I wanted to get back in shape, feel “skinny” again and feel healthy in my body. But my motivation was never really to feel healthy, but more to feel as in shape as I used to when I was younger.

Recently I finally realised that I feel so much worse without realising. That exercising makes my anxiety go away, makes my body aches disappear, and make me generally just feel more alive. That was the true motivation I have been lacking all this time. I can finally get out of bed earlier than usual to go exercise and I don’t make excuses, because I know as much as I would love to stay in bed for longer, I will feel so much better after a good run.

Sometimes it’s not the actual action that’s too hard to do, sometimes you just don’t have the right motivation behind it 😊 But with the right motivation, everything will seem so much easier.

Stay healthy ❤

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  1. I have been exercising every morning for almost 2 years. It is such a habit fir me now . In the afternoon I will do weights or yoga and walk the dog. I feel so much better physically and mentally

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  2. Exercising is certainly great in so many ways. The sense of achievement is great for anxiety and self-esteem issues, it can also be a stress reliever. I also feel the aches and pains from not exercising; too much sitting at my desk takes its toll on my feet, legs and back, for example.

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