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Why I Feel Like Talking About COVID-19

I’ve been thinking about what to write more and more lately and only one thing gives me enough to write about at the moment – COVID-19.

This Novel Coronavirus is obviously on everyone’s minds right now, but it’s been on my mind since the very early stages a few months ago in China. Living in a very international city and seeing how quickly it was spreading throughout China, I knew it was a matter of sooner or later until it appeared in London.

I feel like I’ve been preparing for it for so long, and while it was a source of anxiety before it got here and specially because there was little information, now that it is here it’s just a matter of taking care of ourselves and trying to stop it from spreading so quickly.

I’m privileged in the way that I can choose to work from home and it is a viable option for me – but many aren’t. Please do respect those more vulnerable (elderly, people with weak immune systems, etc.) by not allowing it to spread as quickly. Because you may think you’re just going out for a quick coffee with a friend, but you could have the virus yourself without knowing it, and unwillingly spread it further to where it will kill others.

Be mindful of your actions and be safe. I will most likely continue to write about this topic until I feel like I have nothing else to say on the matter ❤

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