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Please Don’t Discriminate

I know times seem hard like now, but having a hard time with all news about discrimination. It’s specially hard for me to see groups of minorities that, by living in the United States of America have probably faced discrimination at some point – but they seem to now be discriminating against anyone even slightly Asian-looking because, I guess, they think they have COVID-19?

Not only are them yelling at them in public telling Asians to stay away incredibly damaging for their mental health and can be very scarring, but they’re perpetuating behaviour that has been wrongfully aimed at African Americans for so long. And this is not just happening in America.

All over the world there are these stories of discrimination that really make me fear for how we are as a world community still at this point. Now is the time to come together (well, not physically) and help each other out, not tear each other apart.

Also, statistically, right now there are more active virus cases in countries where the majority of people are Caucasian than there are in Asian countries – so even if they thought that was an excuse a couple of weeks ago, it isn’t anymore. They’re not helping themselves or anyone else, they’re just spreading hate and fear in people that did not ask for this to happen to them.

I ask them to think first about others as people and how what they’re doing will affect them, because there are real lives on the other side suffering because of their close-mindedness.

Stay safe everyone ❤

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  1. Great Blog! Thank you for sharing! You are exactly right about how we should all stick together (WEll, NOT Physically!) at a time like this. I really think it is more important than ever that we treat others like we would want to be treated. WE ALL BLEED RED! WE ARE ALL HUMAN! “The fact is, society is made more hospitable by every individual who acts as if ‘do unto others’ really was a rule.” AND as Martin Luther said, “WE MUST LIVE TOGETHER AS BROTHERS AND SISTERS OR PERISH TOGETHER AS FOOLS!”

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  2. Great post! So important that we don’t add more negativity to an already uncertain and scary situation. The last thing we need is to be discriminating and blaming things on a whole race of people who deserve absolutely no blame. I’ve heard awful stories of abuse against Asian people and Asian stores/restaurants losing patrons. Absolutely horrible!

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    • Exactly. In a time of fear and confusion, we should really be aiming at spreading love and helping those affected, not attacking a whole country/continent for something they share no blame. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  3. This is so true! I really don’t know why we are not more evolved with acceptance of differences than we are at this point?!!! It’s confusing to me. Isn’t it time to start seeing our similarities as humans rather than destroying each other for our differences? Thanks for bringing awareness to this imposter topic!

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