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I’m Not Stressing Out

There are days where I honestly feel like I’m losing my mind. A couple of weeks ago, after a full day of (unsuccessfully) searching for a house to rent, anxiety suddenly hit me really hard and I felt like the world was crashing down. And for no reason.

This tends to happen only when it relates to my personal life, not my work life, and I knew I had to calm down because nothing was actually wrong (and even if it was, no point stressing out about it), so I had the good sense to go to the gym for a long run  – and it was like every step I took, the anxiety was leaving my body.

Since then I’ve made a point to exercise regularly so I don’t lose my mind. Do you have any coping mechanisms that work immediately to get rid of anxiety? Running has helped me keep a clear head while looking for houses for sure!

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  1. I learned a grounding technique in counseling awhile back, to focus on five things I can see, touch, hear, smell, and taste, when I’m feeling anxious. The tasting part is always hard for me but all the rest help me to not feel anxious very quickly.

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