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Dancing Because I Feel Like It

When I was younger I used to dance all the time (in my room), just because I felt like it. I was happy enough that any song I liked left me dancing around in my room for little reason. Life felt simple so I’d just get up and dance around like I was on a stage.

I realised that over the years that impulse of dancing just for the hell of it started to go away, I no longer felt inspired or happy enough that I would just get up and dance around the house, which was a pity.

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed this came back and I’ve dancing more and more around the house, feeling happy with my life and where it has led me ❤

Do you ever just get the impulse to get up and dance for no reason around your room?

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  1. I dance 4 times a day. Everyday. In the morning getting ready. Driving to and back from work, or on the weekend wherever I’m going. And, when I get home. It’s one of the truest, purist forms of Self Love and expression. Don’t stop. Great post.

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  2. This was such a lovely thing to read, it’s nice when happiness habits return after a hiatus ✨ I don’t get that dance impulse but I kinda do with singing. Sometimes I’ll feel silly doing it so I stop but it’s nice when I don’t care and just sing because I want to 🎶

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  3. Me too! I dance for no reason, but in public too! I stopped for awhile, living with people who were very severe and complete killjoys, but that was an awful time for me.

    I sing too, sometimes, in public, but sometimes people shout at me. 🗣😮

    Anyway, keep dancing! 💃

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