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Why I’m Inconsistent in Posting on My Blog

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I love writing. I love the ability to fully express my feelings by writing them down and sharing it with whomever is reading my blog. I love those of you that follow my blog and those that keep commenting or messaging me with words of support, they mean more to me they you could ever know. So why don’t I write more?

Now I could go into a myriad of reasons on why I don’t post very frequently. I was sick for a while, or I am very tired, or I am very very busy, both in my personal life and in my work life. But that’s not completely true.

While yes, I am very busy, who isn’t? The true reason is that whenever I do anything artistic, I need to feel inspired to do it, otherwise it doesn’t bring me joy (which is why I couldn’t stay in art school). Or whenever I’m feeling very down, it is much easier for me to write and express my feelings.

I have a very creative workplace (for the most part), which I am very grateful for. However, the constant problem-solving at work, combined with not feeling fully inspired to write a whole blog piece, means I just haven’t had the creativity to write as much as I would like to on my blog. However, the most I progress through life, the more I’m finding the ability to take care of myself and find the inspiration to do the things I love.

Do you ever feel like this? Thank you so much for reading 😊

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  1. I know I’ve gone through this. Quite frankly, I wonder how EVERY writer hasn’t! This creativity is the production of our best work. It needs replenished sometimes. It’s also good to allow yourself natural flow of creative writing.

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  2. I very much struggle to make and stick to a routine for creative stuff. With writing on my blog I too have to feel inspired by something and then have the freedom of time to just sit down and write it up. Sometimes though, especially if I’m on a roll, I schedule posts to go live on a specific day rather than bombard my blog (and my readers), this can give the illusion of posting on a regular basis.

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  3. Hit the nail on the head, and I feel exactly the same through the highs and lows. A soul of an artist, living all the trials and tribulations to boot. Roll with it, productive when possible and self nourishing when needed (always). Love this post!

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  4. This is so true. I think we all experience that. Some days, we feel so motivated and other’s the opposite. What has worked for me was to plan my posts and have a goal for the week..and making myself accountable. Thanks for this post!

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  5. I completely agree and I think you are absolutely ‘write.’ Write what inspires you and needs to flow out of you. Sometimes I have so much happening in my head I write 4 posts in an hour and sometimes I go a week without anything worth saying. It’s nice to know we aren’t alone.

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  6. This resonates with me so hard, it’s crazy. That’s thing about creatives, it’s a passion driven sport. You have to feel the inspiration or else your creativity suffers. Trust me, I get it. The hack to that though, is to try to constantly put surround yourself in inspiration. Rather it’s specific scenery, people, music, whatever just fall into a hold filled with that shit and CREATE.

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  7. Thank you for your thoughtful post. You are so right! My problem is I listen to too many voices. For fear of writing junk no one wants to read, I write nothing at all. Smart. Searching for a niche, I write nothing at all. Productive. Re-thinking, I write nothing. Introspection, I write nothing. Time to write.

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