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How Are People So Nice in Japan?

Once recurring thought I had while in Japan was: how are people so nice here? Why aren’t people this nice everywhere else in the world?

It really did open up my eyes to the fact that people everywhere else in the world are, a lot of times, really rude for no special reason. Little things will set them off because everyone is so on edge ad stressed all the time, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that, in a lot of places in the world, people just forgot to be nice to others.

While in Japan I experienced nothing but kindness. Everyone was caring, polite and did their job well. It was eye-opening and at the same time did make me a little sad to think of the rest of the world and how people just don’t behave the same as in Japan.

What are your thoughts on this?

2 thoughts on “How Are People So Nice in Japan? Leave a comment

  1. I also agree with ur observation n on multiple occasions asked the same question to myself. Though, i do not have any fact supporting this thinking, but perhaps the widespread suffering caused by the nuclear explosions made the Japanese way of living change significantly.


  2. I loved Japan for this reason too. Although I have heard it can be difficult to get beyond the pleasantries when trying to make friends with Japanese people in Japan, they are generally super shy and dont give much away. Still…love their kindness and they are interesting in how they are so subtle in everything they do, just my opinion

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