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The UK: I Don’t Feel Welcome Anymore

I’ve been in the UK for almost 8 years, but am not British and don’t consider myself to be British. Nevertheless, I love this country and everything it has to offer. I love that people are so open-minded in London, I love that it is so culturally diverse and I love all the opportunities.

When the vote for Brexit happened, it was a shock. I saw people crying in the tube, I saw people feeling like they lost a home. I felt a little bit of that myself, but in my head it never really felt like it was actually going to happen – it’s as if it was all a weirdly bad dream.

Over the last few years I didn’t give it as much attention as I couldn’t do much about it – I’m not allowed to vote on these National elections/votes and I still don’t feel like it’s my place when the decision is completely out of my hands.

When Brexit finally happened on Friday, even though it has technically changed very little for me personally, one thing has definitely changed: my view of this country.

This country that I thought was so inclusive no longer feels like a home. This country that I’ve been so proud to be in for the last 8 years no longer feels no longer brings me much pride at all. By going through with Brexit, by the decision voters made in the last election, and by the way the country is treating others, it sends a very clear message to everyone – you don’t belong here, we don’t want you here.

While I know that’s not the case for a lot of people, it clearly is for the majority, and that breaks my heart. I, once again, am left with the feeling that I don’t have a home. After living in a country for so long, paying taxes all along, being the best citizen I could be to rightfully represent my own country.

I’m still grateful for the opportunities, but it now feels like a broken, unstable home and I don’t know if this country offers much future at all anymore.

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  1. I’m sorry you feel that way… That’s how I feel where I live. I don’t know if a different state or different country would help, but I know I don’t fit in here and I never did. But I just go on and do my own things and say the hell with it. Home is where you hang your hat, you know? But if the UK doesn’t feel like home anymore, maybe you should consider a move. You should feel comfortable wherever you live. Maybe you need to do some soul searching, some research and find a place that suits who you are right now. Even if you move here and there your whole life, you’ll always have a place you feel at home in for a while. Good luck to you.

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  2. Please don’t feel like everyone in the UK feels like that. In Scotland we want to encourage foreigners. We embrace change and we voted to stay in the EU. If you feel you need to move, move North.

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  3. I’ve lived in Britain all my life. Was born here and can trace my family back 8 hundred years on this island. But something’s changed in the mentality of Britain, I get told to “go back to where you come from” have hateful abuse shouted at me repeatedly. I despair of my fellow countrymen and I feel ashamed to call myself British. I don’t think it’s just Brexit I think that Bexit is just a symptom, an outlet for a lot of built up anger related to something completely different and seemingly undefinable.

    I feel affriad in my own country telling someone to go back to where they come from is racism. I’m sorry if that offends anyone but I call a spade a spade and racist abuse towards a white British person in Britain is a very sad state of affairs.

    I’m ashamed to call myself British because I’m not the same as the British people who shout abuse at others.

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  4. Yeah from living in Scotland I would say it’s definitely friendlier and more European than England, I wouldn’t move to England after Brexit, only to Scotland, Edinburgh is an amazing city to live in. I agree with the other person…move north instead, it’s colder but more friendly hehe

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  5. We feel the same way as a bilingual and mixed culture family. I am British but my husband isn’t. We love this country too but definitely something has changed, I agree.


  6. I sympathize with you. I went overseas with my parents when I was 8. My 11 year old brother remained at boarding school in England. He worked mostly in Africa before he retired, but England was always home. I went back for 2 years of boarding school but had nothing in common with the English students. Then I was sent to the USA. I’ve been here over 50 years but it has never felt like home. Nowhere does. And I notice someone suggested that you leave the UK if you are no longer comfortable, but it isn’t necessarily as easy as that. I think the world is going through a generally really bad time. Hang in. Maybe it will get better. I hope so. Best wishes, whatever!

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