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Don’t Let Life Pass You By

There are so many things to enjoy in life. And there’s not one thing that is the only thing that matters, life is made up with little moments that lead you down your best path, the path that will make you happiest.

So no, I don’t think spending a week in bed resting or a weekend watching TV is necessarily “missing out on life”, I think if it’s something you need in the moment, then there’s no reason to beat yourself over it.

I think people are too hard on themselves, but in the long run as long as you did with your life what you’ve wanted to do, then you should count yourself lucky.

I, for one, don’t have one specific goal in life or one single thing I want to achieve. I think that’s much too simplistic. However, I do live my life on a lot of little goals throughout that I want to achieve.

I’m happy I’ve been able to make my own choices in life and that I wasn’t forced down any path. I’m happy I didn’t make one goal that I’d need to stick with forever, because we change over time. Because, in the end, if I feel like something could’ve gone better, at least I’ll always know they were my decisions to make and they felt right to me at the time.

Don’t beat yourself over every small thing, you’ll miss out more on life if you’re constantly worrying and regretting not having done something.

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