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Time for Reflection

The holidays have stopped having the same meaning to me over time. I love coming back home and spending this time with family, but it doesn’t have the same meaning it used to. It doesn’t bring the same amount of joy it used to when I was younger, and that’s partly because some important people I used to share this time with are not around anymore.

What the holidays are great for, in my case, is to become a time of reflection. Because I’m originally from a small town, I take this time to completely break the routine from my life, go back home and hang out with my family and childhood friends.

Hitting this reset button for a week (and communicating/thinking in a different language) really helps put things into a completely different perspective and remind yourself of what’s important in life. Remind yourself that certain things are not worth worrying about or fighting over. That some worries in your life are not worth the energy you put into them.

It’s not a permanent cure, but it’s nice having a temporary sense of clarity by hanging out in the countryside and completely changing your surroundings back to what you grew up with.

What do you do to reset after a long year?

Happy holidays everyone!

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