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Why Must It Be Complicated?

At times I am confused about why life has to be so complicated. Why is everyone so different which creates the issue of everyone disagreeing with each other? Why do some people want to follow unhappiness and why do others make it their mission to try to make everyone happy, even when it isn’t their job?

I guess life would be very boring if everything was simple and easy, but don’t you just feel exhausted of having to fight against the current?

I just wish certain things in life could follow a predictable path without obstacles, without always throwing something in our way to make an otherwise easy situation into a very complicated one. And I don’t mean everything, but just one thing in life that would be easy, that would feel natural and like it fits perfectly into your life without much resistance.

It’s tiring having to second-guess others, or not trusting if someone is really doing what they say they are, whether that is in a professional or personal situation.

I want to not care for once. I want to see life unfold and take me where it needs to go without resistance. I want to not have a headache anymore trying to figure out what other people want. I want to live my life in spite of what others think, and live it happily.

Have you found a way to not feel so overwhelmed by everything in life? If so, let me know below, advice is certainly welcome 😊

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  1. I believe life would be completely boring if everyone were the same. What would we learn? What would we do? In my life, I try to model everything from a root of love (God’s) and practice completely embracing anything and everything that comes my way.
    I heard a man say that “if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at begin to change”, and it made me realize how important it is to know what we — personally, as individuals — want and don’t want in life. Most thrive and blindly live in fear, never reaching their potential from moment to moment in the experience of life. Write down what you want and don’t want? Get to know yourself? Only you can change you.

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  2. This is a great question and post. Something that I have been doing lately is trying to just observe without trying to categorize, label or judge. To kind of go, “oh that’s interesting” and let it be what it is without thinking too deeply about it. Not easily done, but sometimes in that space of just observing, it gives me time to see it from a different perspective which can lead to the complication feeling resolved in my head or at least me being at peace with it.

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